Roy's Postcards: 1983/12/16


(LEONARD) We went to Olde Towne Mall and rode the Merry-Go-Round and climbed on the Cable Car and played Ms. Pac-Man and we looked in the statue store and book store and model store.

Postcard front:

West's Slowest Cable Car

Postcard back:

Known as the slowest cable car in the West, Old Towne's stationary cable car is recognized as a nostalgic character along the streets of this unique turn-of-the-century shopping and entertainment attraction in Torrance, California.

Leonard's comments:

Sounds like a really fun time. Dictated and then signed. My scribble says "16 DEC 1983 LEONARD", just like what my dad wrote on the card.

The kid in the foreground on the postcard looks a lot like I will in seven years. This whole mall is left over from the 1970s, I guess.

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