Roy's Postcards: 1984/01/14


Frances, Leonard, Susanna Rachel, Shauna & Scot Sloan, and I went to the Zoo today. We saw the polar bear climbing up out of the moat. We also saw flamingos, sea lions, rhinoceroses, hippo, bears, Galapagos tortoise, snakes and an elephant show that was real cute.

Postcard back:

POLAR BEARS - The most aquatic of the bears found on the ice floes of the Artic.

Leonard's comments:

Sometimes I make typos when transcribing these postcards, (for instance, I originally wrote "sea lions" as "soa lions", so I don't usually make fun of typos on the postcards. But "Artic" on an official Los Angeles Zoo postcard is just egregious.

See also: la zoo

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