Roy's Postcards: 1984/01/26


Frances and I went to the Boy Scouts of America, Los Angeles Area Council Annual Awards Dinner tonight at the Bonaventure and had a wonderful time. Our dear friend John F. Stockman was awarded the Silver Beaver by President Gerald Ford. Bob Hope was also present and talked. It was a grand time.

Postcard back:

BONAVENTURE HOTEL, five bronze gladd cylindrical towers rising 35 floors in Los Angeles' downtown financial district. The hotel has 1474 rooms, a one acre lagoon in the lobby and a 3000 seat ballroom under their plaza.

B8033-Color Photo Exterior View: Ryck Von Quedens.

Leonard's comments:

I believe in Bob Hope's autobiography he speaks at length about the time he was present and talked.

John Stockman was the bishop of Wilshire Ward prior to my dad.

Many years later—I think this was after my mother married my stepfather—we came back to LA for some purpose and, in utter defiance of the code of the Richardsons, stayed at the Bonaventure rather than a friend's house or a cheap motel. I had a miserable time, though I'm pretty sure I had only myself to blame.

I can only hope "Ryck Von Quedens" is not a nom de plume.

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