Roy's Postcards: 1984/02/10

Postcard back:

Located on Interstate 10 about 15 miles west of Palm Springs, this monstrous replica of the Stone Age Brontosaurus, which once roamed what is now the California desert, is the creation of Claude K. Bell, noted designer and sculptor. It contains a museum of Stone Age man and artifacts, as well as an attractive souvenir and gift shop.

Leonard's comments:

This, to me, is the canonical postcard image: something that exists only to be looked at.

Fun facts: "Brontosaurus" is not an accepted name for any dinosaur, dinosaurs didn't live during the Stone Age, and while the dinosaurs were alive, California was underwater. The current owners of this dinosaur, continuing this postcard copywriter's tradition of scrupulous accuracy, have turned this big dinosaur building into a creationist museum.

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