Roy's Postcards: 1984/03/31


Parker, AZ
Dear Roy & Frances, We have had an enjoyable time so far, at the Flying E, looking around ??? and the mining country. Spent two nights with Bryce and Zena and saw Joe Potts (Thelma died a few years ago). Beautiful session at the MEsa Temple. Saw the Giants lose to the Chicago Cubs at Scottsdale. Phoenix traffic totally congested. Now we are headed north to ???, will check on Tom & Opal. Love, Earl & Annetta.

Postcard back:

1. Mission San Xavier Del Bac, Near Tucson 2. Saguaro, Tree-Like Cactus 3. Tucson 4. U.S. No. 80 at Telegraph Pass, Near Yuma 5. Hoover Dam 6. Oak Creek Canyon 7. Grand Canyon 8. Petrified Forest -- U.S. No. 66 9. The Painted Desert 10. Downtown Phoenix.

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