Roy's Postcards: 1984/03/31


Dear Leonard, At the ranch where we stayed the roadrunners came right up to our door. While walking on the desert I saw a big rattlesnake that wouldn't rattle at me, so I left him alone. Grandma rode a horse out on the desert to a breakfast cookout, but I went in a car. We had a good time driving around to the mines where I used to work.

Postcard back:

About 22 inches in length, he woudl rather run than fly and sometimes reaches the speed of 18 miles per hour. It lives on a menu of insects, lizards, centipedes, mice and snakes.
Photo by Terry Anderson.

Leonard's comments:

Wow! This postcard comes as quite a surprise as the first memory I have of my grandfather Earl is looking into his coffin--the first dead person I saw. I'm glad to see that he knew me and wrote something to me.

Incidentally, my grandfather worked at the mines as a geologist, not as a miner.

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