Roy's Postcards: 1985/04/11


Tonight I went with the Explorer Post to Ferndell in Griffith Park, and then had a cookout before visiting the Observatory. Paul Boswell, Mario Canton, Edgardo Lopez, Katiah Gary, Steven Geisler, and Daniel Martin came along with me & Leonard. We ate Hamburgers, hotdog, chips, cookies & soda. On Jupiter, I would weigh 404 lbs.

Leonard's comments:

Some wry humor there at the end.

I remember this cookout! The whole gang was there. One of the Scouts showed me a videotape catalog or something and I saw a scary movie poster that creeped me out. I thought it might be the poster for Creature, but that didn't come out until May 1985, so it seems pretty unlikely. I remember frightening glow-eyes.

Anyway, I'm sure chips & soda did a pretty good job of un-scaring me.

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