Roy's Postcards: 1985/04/12


Broken down truck in Cedar City, I'm in Glendale, UT and Frances. Elizabeth Culp and Frances have all gone off the Panguitch to see the old houses and antique shops. A long drive -- a short stay.

We came through Panguitch on Sunday going to Glendale where we have had a very nice stay with the Nelsons.

Postcard back:

Located on Scenic U.S. Highway 89. Gateway to colorful Bryce Canyon National Park, and Panguitch Lake. County seat for Garfield County, and has now become a travel center. Panguitch is also Fishermen's Paradise and Deer Hunters' Mecca.
B11758 - Color photo Alan Carey

Leonard's comments:

Suddenly I'm hungry for a penguin sandwich.

"A long drive -- a short stay." One of my dad's more effective poetic invocations.

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