Roy's Postcards: 1986/01/04


Frances and I went for a date last night to eat at the Burrito House Cafe and then out to Antique Guild, Fedco and BEST, on the westside. Frances found a table to replace the one we've had for the past 54 years that she had now sold to Sandy Moody. We looked at microwave ovens at Fedco and BEST and I figure that we can get what we want for just over $200.

Postcard back:

Los Angeles Sunrise of the City of Angels. Photographer: C Larry, Lee West Light

Leonard's comments:

This would be our first microwave.

Man, what a treasure trove of 1980s LA consumerism here. The LA Times gave Burrito House Cafe a great review in 1985. "Nor is it the sort of place where the burritos are filled with greasy meat or, worse, purchased frozen and reheated to order."

The story of Fedco is really interesting. Here's a 1984 video of activity in the La Cieniga Fedco—the same one visited in this postcard.

As for BEST... well, good luck finding out any information about a store called BEST.

See also: la frances best-of

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