Roy's Postcards: 1988/01/08


Dear Fran & Roy -
Did I mention I entered a subscription for you to Consumer Reports - with the Buying Guide Annual? Well, I did & hope it's useful to you.

I'm enjoying the cheese you sent and not even sharing it. Max Green is back in Minnesota, I'm starting my new life! Love - LeJeune.

Postcard front:


Postcard back:

THE MORIAN, a helmet worn by the conquistadors commemorates their camp in this area during their de Anza Trek. This interesting structure in Cupertino, California is donated to the City Hall and the Library.

Leonard's comments:

When I started transcribing this postcard I thought it made LeJeune out to be a less interesting person than she really was. But "entered a subscription"? That's an odd phrasing--was she doing contract work for them and she hacked the subscription database? Refusing to share cheese? Who's Max Green and how did he spark a renaissance by going back to Minnesota?

See also: california lejeune

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