Roy's Postcards: 1988/02/08


Dearest Family,
I'm visiting Hazel Oliver [?] in her new home in Everett, Washington near Seattle - her home is huge (4000 sq ft, 3 floors for her & 3 little dogs and guests). Ray Priel [?] and family (remember him - Thanksgiving '86) - he & family moved here to work at Boeing & I'm staying with them tomorrow. Spent weekend in Victoria with a former HP co-worker. Also, overnight with Coba Rasmussen in Portland - remember Dr. Paul R - your pediatrician in SLC? Love - LeJeune

Postcard front:

Legislative Buildings, Victoria, B.C., Canada. Photo by John L. Barnard

Postcard back:

Framed by spring tulips, the British Columnia Legislative buildings stand like a [?] by the [?] in the capital city of B.C., Canada.

Leonard's comments:

I'm always excited when one of LeJeune's postcards pops up, but this one was very difficult to transcribe and didn't say much that I found meaningful. Nice stamp, though. I do like that LeJeune was apparently going to stay with a relative of my mother's pediatrician.

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