Roy's Postcards: 1988

Postcard back:

United States Postal Service


Late holiday shoppers, fear not. Your post office has two terrific ways to get your package there on time. Without taking a big nick out of your holiday budget.

Express Mail® overnight service is just $12.00 for a 2-lb. pak, $8.75 for 8 oz. And we deliver every day of the year at no extra charge. Even on Christmas.

But is this your only option with us? Nix.

Priority Mail™ gives you two-day delivery between major markets, three days elsewhere. It's just $2.40 for up to 2 lbs.

So put your package in our hands, and nohting can stop it. Neither sleet, nor snow, nor rain, dear.


Leonard's comments:

Official business, my bowl full of jelly. You pulled a copywriter out of retirement so he could fill your advertisement with stupid Santa puns based on archaic slang.

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