Roy's Postcards: 1989


THE L.A. MARATHON VIDEO WITH SHOTS OF YOU. . . $25 In addition to videotaping the race leaders, we also videotape all runners going by our cameras at the start, mile 1, mile 26, and the finish. If you order, we'll edit these shots of you onto your video. In addition to these segments we had cameramen along the course capturing the comradery, the humor and the pain of the average runner.

We can't guarantee that the start and mile 1 shots of you will be good, but we do guarantee that we will have at least one great shot of you at mile 26 or the finish... or we'll give you a full refund! And if you had friends in the race, we can even add their finish on to your tape. Keep the memory alive!

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Leonard's comments:

So this is a VHS tape with about a minute of video on it? A classic example of pre-internet spam.

See also: la ads

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