Roy's Postcards: 1989


Dear Grandma,
We are having a good time in Arizona. I am almost done with the Lord of the Rings, because of all the driving we do. I hope you feel better. Love, Leonard

Postcard front:

BENSON: Arizona's Golden Era

Postcard back:

"Facts, Folklore, History and Legend"
Early settlers passed throug the Dragoon Mountains on their way to Benson, Arizona. This area was inhabited for centuries by the Spaniards. Like many other settlements, Benson had to deal with hostile Apaches.

Benson, founded in 1880 as a railroad stop, was frequented by cowboys, miners and Mexicans. For years the town was filled with saloons, tinhorns, rustlers, hustlers, and crap games. "Jack the Ripper" was killed here in Fisher's Saloon during an era called the "Blood and Thunder Days".

Photo © John Sawyer

Leonard's comments:

Sounds like a golden era, all right. My grandmother might have felt better if I'd actually sent this postcard to her.

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