Roy's Postcards: 1991/06/12


I took Leonard, Susanna, Rachel and Jennifer James to the KC Museum & Pioneer Village. They were supposed to have special Indian presentations but we didn't see any. We had a great time anyway.

Postcard back:

William A. Howell House
Pioneer Village, Kern County Museum
3801 Chester Ave., Bakersfield CA 93301

The William A. Howell Victorian mansion built in 1891 was moved to Pioneer Village in 1969. The house formerly stood on the corner of 17th and H Streets in Bakersfield. Most of the furnishing are the gift of the Howell children.

Photo © 1972 Arthur B. Chase, San Francisco, CA 94110

Leonard's comments:

Looking at the front of the postcard I was thinking "I really hope someone very famous was born or died in this house." It was not to be.

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