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: Last night: No hot water. No heat. Kirin washed her hair in the kitchen sink and we discovered that the pipes weren't exactly attached, as in we flooded the kitchen. The two of us were up until 230. I had to get up at 700. bleh.

I got up at 700. Phil, my supervisor at USH, picked me up at 745. We took some patients to the Festival of Trees in Salt Lake. It was quite fun, but I slept the whole way home. I want to take a nap before our ward party tonight, but I need to finish my Shakespeare paper.

Today I learned that it's dark at 7 AM. Who'd a thunk?

: Clark brought me flowers today =) He said he asked the lady in the flower shop to pick out something that would make me smile and that the girls behind him in line were jealous. What a sweetie pie!

: I was on TV! We went to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional with standby tickets and got really good seats and later we watched part of the broadcast and we were there, singing "Silent Night" =) It was way fun, we got really good seats and while we were standing in line, for like an hour, we sang Christmas songs with random people, and even adopted parents of the people in front of us, and they sang with us too and we recorded some for Nate. Mommy, did you see me on TV? I get paid today, wohoo!

: Last night, for FHE, we went to see "Miracle on 34th Street" and it was really cute =) We only have three more days of class, including today, yippee! And today is Friday classes, because Friday is a reading day, so I only have to go to one class, even though I don't like it very much. I am sooo determined to send Nate's package today, even if his tape isn't done. I just don't have that much to say. Anyone have anything to say to "Elder Tenney"?

: I just popped out two short papers for Psych tomorrow. yay, I'm glad that's done with. I have lots to do before finals, I need to organize myself and make the most of reading days. Only two more days of class! yippee!

: Today I got a letter from Elder Rasmussen. I also got a new debit card, hurray! Classes are finally over. All that's left is finals...

: I was entirely unproductive today. However, Clark took me out to dinner at Sizzler and that was yummy! meat, meat!!

: I am doing laundry. Still. I made sugar cookies today and I called my mommy to get a frosting recipe and it was soooo yummy! It tasted just like her frosting =) I didn't do very much studying, but I think I'll be able to take my psych test on Monday. Looks like I get to move into my new apartment on Friday, before I leave for home, which is good. I am excited to go home and see my family and my kitty and to meet Celeste and for Clark to come. And for school to be over. And work. bleh. I'm going to do mending after I finish my laundry. Anything to prevent studying, eh?

: And I got a tape from "Elder Tenney" today. It was fun to listen to him going on about his mission and how much he misses his family while we made sugar cookies. =)

: It's snowing! yay! It hasn't snowed in weeks, but it sure is snowing now. I'm so excited to go home. Unfortunatly I still have to live through finals. Bleh! they keep not getting over with!

: I just took my psych final. 75.8!!!!! What kind of a grade is that! This is one of the few classes I had a shot at an A in. I think I lost that chance. I'm on Clark's computer in the Chemistry lab, which is entirely illegal, but I wanted to see which questions I missed. Off to take New Testament, that will go even worse, I'm sure. Bleh!!!!

: Ok well New Testament went much better than expected. I got a 94% Yeah that's really good, I might get an A in there now, because of all the fluff grades, but it's only 2 credits, all religion classes are.

I went to the bookstore just now and checked out my books for next semester. The total was $430. That is like three times as much as I spent this semester. That's absurd. Of course, I may or may not end up taking Social Psych and I have to buy this $98 anatomy book and a bunch of workbooks and stuff for German that totals $115. Absurd. And, naturally, there is a new edition of the anatomy thing so I can't buy a used one. On the bright side of textbooks, I sold all mine back yesterday and got $116. That is very good considering I kept my Riverside Shakespeare and I paid something like $260 total.

Speaking of Shakespeare, I have my final at 300. Hmm. I have my lines memorized and the sonnets down. I think I'll do fine. I have Isaiah at 700 however and I'm not so sure about that one. I really want to write the Messiah essay but I don't think it's going to be an option. Clark wants to write on idols. Silly boy. I'm going to try and squeeze an hour or so of work in there somewhere.

I look dang cute today. =) I had time to curl my hair. I am so excited to move but more so for going home. We're leaving at 600 Saturday morning. Hurray for Clark coming home with me, Hurray for seeing my family and kitties again, and Hurray for meeting Celeste. Yay!

: We made a cheesecake for Tenille's birthday tomorrow (today) in 1711. It is being stored in 17B until 530 tomorrow morning so we can make her eat it before she goes to take her final and go home. Even though we made the mistake of not having any of the ingredients upstairs, we managed to cover it up and hide everything from her, hehehe.

: I'm packing and it feels good. Right now I'm dragging all of my dishes etc. and sticking them on the kitchen table because I don't have boxes to put them in. I have my suitcases all tidy and cute sitting next to my bed. One of them is crammed full of Christmas presents. Well, only one of them takes up any room, but it's quite large. hehehe and I'm not telling what it is!! =)

: Wohoo! Finally home, finally moved out of my old apartment. Clark is enjoying himself with the cats. He likes cats, it's almost as adorable as how much he likes ducks. It's nice to be home and even nicer to not have class and even nicerest to go shopping and buy stuff for people and wrap presents hehehe. Fun fun fun.

: I was all productive today. I vaccuumed the walls of my bedroom and cleaned out some stuff from the attic and ripped up some fabric. That was more productive than it sounds. Leonard, I think you have more stuff in the attic than you think, more than mom thought anyway. Just so you know.

What being cute got me today: I was supposed to mail something for Rachel and it had to be postmarked today and my mom noticed it lying on the table at 530 PM. oops. So we went to the post office and my mom talked to a guy through the drop box and he was leaving and I was all cute and said "this has to be post-marked by today" and he asked me what it was and I said "it's a scholarship application" and he went running out to the truck for me. =) haha.

: Yesterday was rather productive too. I got rid of a bunch more junk I'd been saving since high school. Mommy and I went and looked at another house, followed by wallpaper stores. We have big plans. I like this house better, because it has three bedrooms. Today is Grandma's birthday and we're taking her to the Olive Garden. Oh, and the big pile of leaves in front of our house finally got taken away this morning. Ok, back to shredding essays I wrote my freshman year of high school...

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