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: It's snowed another two inches last night. Although I was relieved when it stopped snowing (after three days and some new windshield wipers) I forgot that after snow Utah gets really ugly, so I'm glad it's covered up again.

For the world who hasn't heard from me in three weeks: It's snowing, I had food poisoning this weekend, I went on two dates last week AND last night he called me while I was up late doing the homework I didn't do this weekend because I could barely move and asked me out again. The really funny thing is that he does in fact know I'm leaving (and moving to a third world country) in 17 days. And he's really cute.

Kelly and Sarah both have rings now, although Cami doesn't and probably won't, but turns out her sister didn't miscarry after all (one of the weirdest miscommunications ever). I don't have a ring either but there's a boy that probably likes me. Stacy and I hang out a lot and I think the majority of what she has said in the past week goes something like "you guys are so cute together!"

: Speaking of Little Red Riding Hood, Cami, Mandy and I went to go see the Sunset View play last night. It was called "The Granny Awards", the cast portrayed various fairy tale characters and three of my fourth-graders were in it. Little Red Riding Hood, looking more like an Olson twin, was one of them. I got her autograph. It was really cute.

: Last night was my third date with Leif in the past week. It was really fun. I have to go study for and take a test before my class in 50 minutes. It's not a very important test.

"BYU researchers have networked all 700 campus lab computers so that every idle minute of computing time, however rare and random it might be, is captured and applied to a monumental task confronting biologists worldwide analyzing and comparing hundreds of thousands of freshly generated DNA sequences." Pretty cool. I wonder if that's why the network isn't working today.

: I just thought I would say that I don't have anything to say. I am way too busy with school and various projects and trying to get boys to come over and eat dinner. There just isn't any time left to do anything cool enough to write about on my webpage.

: Well I finally did something worth writing about. Last night, after spending 2 1/2 hours with Lisa, planning our trip to London, I let Lindsay talk me into going Latin dancing with her at the Omni. I've never been to a dance quite like that. There was literally one song I didn't spend dancing (I spent it talking to Lindsay about various boys). Even though I had never been to a Latin dance before and I was terrible, I kept getting asked to dance. One guy asked me to dance several times, we probably danced ten songs together. He was really good, which made me feel good even though I was terrible.

Overall it was much fun. My feet hurt a ton, but one of my goals this semester was to try new things, and besides that I got some more usage out of my pleather pants.

Now I have to go home and finish cooking dinner for Leif (and Stacy and Melanie and dates).

: I went out with Leif twice this weekend. We spent three hours making snowflakes. Now there are lots of snowflakes taped to our windows. I am also sending a snowflake (and some chocolate chip butterscotch cookies) to David today (in the MTC on this way to Uruguay). It's snowing again, and I would be glad but I have to go to work right after class and I'm going to have to spend ten minutes sweeping off my car.

Classes are almost over. I have two today, two tomorrow, and two in-class tests on Thursday. Then I just have a project and two more finals next week. I'm the only person I know who is less stressed about finals than about regular school. Maybe it's because at this point I don't care very much. I'm mostly worried about surviving in Romania.

: Still not stressed about finals. I think it's because I haven't let myself think about them yet. I will start after classes tonight because I have two tomorrow. I'm leaving in 9 days!!!

: This morning Angela and I went running across campus holding on to each other and screaming. No we really did. If it wasn't us who was going, we would tell us we were crazy. We're still crazy. I leave in two weeks.

I have two finals in a row, starting in 53 minutes and I haven't started studying. I got distracted by Ryan who came over last night to use a pick-up line on me. I have so much stuff to do, so I am sitting here in the computer lab writing emails instead.

: Reading Days. Oh the joy. For some reason, pineapple keeps substituting for meat in my meals. I think it's because groceries are a waste of money at this point. However, I only have one more can of pineapple. After this I am moving on to corn.

I took two finals yesterday. They both went "okay." I have two more tests next week and today I am going to finish my final project. I WILL finish my final project.

: I got a card from Grandpa and Grandma today. Then I got the grand opportunity (once again) to choose between cleaning the upstairs bathrooms, the stove and oven, or the refridgerators. Then I bought myself a salad to make up for that suckiness and now my TR final project is finished and I'm going to go turn it in and apply for my major.

: Today I finally bought a Romanian-English dictionary. This would have been useful before now, but will soon become necessary. I even have a bag packed to take. It has baby sleepers and some books, all nine of my tickets and my ISICard. My passport got sent out yesterday to get Visa-ed and the ISP office insists we will have them back on Monday. I also sold my books back today and I got $108, which is good since I only had three books I could sell back and I only used one of them. I have two more finals left.

Went to Joe's last night with Stacy and Akie. Joe made us Quesadillas and we watched Cast Away.

: Long weekend. I went out with Leif Saturday night. We got lost in the ZCMI parking garage across from Temple Square. I went to his house for dinner last night too, it was fun. Last night I got some real sleep for the first time in two or three weeks. I came home and crashed after propping my eyelids open for several days. I wasn't even studying! but I'm going to... I am running errands on campus (useless stuff like insurance and visas) and then I'm going to go study for Human Biology.

: Seven finals down, one to go. yay! Last night Leif and I went and played in the snow. It was the most snow-related fun I've had since the Young Hall boys snowed us in freshman year. Sometimes it's fun to get good and snowy, kinda like mud volleyball. I should probably start packing since I'm moving in three days. Ah, the nomadic life.

: YAY! ... Yay! I just finished my last final. On my way home I am going to dump all school related trash into the recycling bins. Then I am going to go Christmas shopping. Tonight the bathrooms get cleaned, and tomorrow I finish packing and go on my hot date. It's my last night in Utah but I don't know what I want to do.

: *whew* I've been packing and cleaning like crazy. Leif came over last night while I was wrapping his Christmas present. He was supposed to be in Roosevelt! Luckily Brad gave me a little warning and then he sat on it for me. I got an email from Aunt Jeuney today. She was all excited and interested about my internship. I picked up some baby clothes donations from Jodie... our passports are still who-knows-where. If they don't come today I'll get a nice Fed-Ex package this weekend. Driving home tomorrow 9 AM. My roommates (or whatever ones are left) and I are going to breakfast before.

: I made it home alive for all who are concerned. The list of things I have forgotten in Provo is growing...

: Last night I went to see Lord of the Rings with my family and we got home very late and had cheesecake. I cleaned and fixed mom's bathtub and helped drills lots of holes in my bedroom. Tomorrow I must go buy presents for Fawn and Sumana and Rachel except Rachel has to come with me to help pick them out. Since everyone who ever reads this is at my house right now, I'm going to give up.

: Yay! Ack! That should need no further explanation.

: I'm leaving in seven hours. My entire life is stuffed into a suitcase, which did not zip on the first several tries. I'm really tired and I need to shower and I'm not even done packing nor have I done such-and-such million other things I really ought to have done. Sucks for those million things, doesn't it?

: I can only think of three things I have forgotten at this point. Non-essential but I'm a little frustrated. Leonard is taking me shopping later so I'll be able to correct a few of those. I wish I didn't have to bring so much stuff. This is scary! I wish the getting there was over with.

: whee!

: Safe. I've been up for thirty hours now and doing surprisingly well. Lisa and I just visited the Brompton Oratory and fell asleep. Out of pence.

: Doing lots of exciting stuff and trying to get used to paying to sit on the internet- I don't type fast enough! Maybe that's cause last time I was on I was to tired to even think. We went to church yesterday, it was really good. Lisa and I are both glad we are getting a semi-culture shock experience before the language completely changes (we can't understand half the people's accents anyway). Today we're going to climb St. Paul's Cathedral, watch the changing of the guard (if it exists) and go to the British Museum. We're going to make ourselves stay up for New Year's but we have no idea where we're spending it.

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