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: Threw away bread that expired in August. It wasn't even moldy... Cheesecake for breakfast. Yummy. I painted my toenails red. Bought Nathan a birthday present. Got a new temple recommend. Brother Wiseman's tie said "mer" on it. My week of doing nothing is coming to an end. At least I'll be able to earn money again

: I had cheesecake for both breakfast and dinner today (lunch was fudge). When, after twenty minutes, FHE still hadn't started, I came home, made myself french fries and did an assignment. I have a lot to do this week, but it's notgetaheadableon. Bleh! I never thought I'd wish I had MORE Microsoft applications on my computer.

I took an available extra shift this week to make up for having to take Wednesday off to go skiing. Maybe it will pay for going skiing and some Christmas presents. Hey, Family and etc, what do you want for Christmas

: Mmm... I shouldn't write about cheesecake because everytime I see it I want more. I'm at the library with Julie. She went with me to rent my skis, which is good because I couldn't carry all that junk by myself. When Kyra gets off work, we're going shopping for Kristen&Tom. I need to do some Christmas shopping too, now that I know what *some* people want. Others I still have no clue (as usual). I remembered something we were going to buy Mom for Christmas last year except that we forgot about it.

I did my powerpoint presentation for Friday. Nothing special. I need to practice it though (roommates=guinea pigs). The boys in my class said I would need to buy a ZIP disk but it's only 50KB (thubba ti ti ti).

I am excited to buy Christmas presents. I love shopping for other people! If only I had money... and any idea what to buy.

: I went skiing today. Unbelievably, I did tons of other stuff too. The amount of stuff I have to do this week is driving me crazy.

I went skiing today. It was really fun, once someone actually believed me when I said I didn't know how to ski and showed me how to stop (that was all I needed to learn). Never managed to get off the lift without falling (not that I care), which was what led to the most interesting stories. One time the girl behind me only had one leg (one less ski to run into me when she fell). Another time both of my skis popped off and went flying. Yay for skiing. It's fun. I didn't break anything. It was more exciting than I'm making it sound, but other than skiing I had a terrible day and I just want to go to bed.

: Yay! I came home after 7 1/2 hours of work to some good news; my English professor is letting me have until monday to do my assignment. I still have a presentation to do in class tomorrow, but I think I can handle that if I get a 15 hour nap before preparing for it. Bleh. What a week.

: Do do do. Presentation in half an hour. I'm not as prepared as I ought to be, but I also don't care as much as I should. Bleh for school.

Saturday is a special day: It's the day we do everything due for the rest of the semester. Well, I have high hopes. Two groups projects, I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be doing with those. A little English assignment and a 4 page paper for my spelunking/sled hockey/skiing/etc class. It'd 1030. I can do it.

Susie's Christmas List: small jar Carmex; quarters (for laundry); spare change (to put on my magic-food-printing-and-photocopying card); 1 sheet (18) postage stamps; White shells and cheddar; Kraft Macncheese; soup (tomato, veggie, etc); Hershey's kisses; Peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars.

: I am showing Julie how Newsbruiser works. Update: Julie: So how do you hear the theme song? Oh, it doesn't actually play?

: Today was a good day. Church was long and work was longer (actually not quite as long but I didn't have anything to do), but I had fun hanging out with Nate and my roommates. Our hometeachers came over and gave us a great lesson. Ok really I have no idea why today was so great, it just was. I love my brother.

I am soooo excited to go home!! I want to just take all my finals tomorrow and leave. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. I have to suffer through a lot first.

: In the past hour I finished all of my sections of two group projects due this week. yay! I have half of a paper left to do for Wednesday and a couple tests (finals). yay! I am almost done with school.

I just said I'd work for someone next Wed 7-11 AM. I'm only working two hours of my normal shift that day because I am going to see LoTR!!! that night. I was hoping to get more hours next week anyway. It's kind of early and I'll have to cook eggs, but I need the money, so yay.

I can't believe I'm done with this semester. I'll go finish my paper so I can actually truthfully say that. Be right back... Nevermind. I forgot I gave Chris my disks so he could finish his part of the project. I also remembered another assignment due today I haven't done yet. Bleh.

: I have survived this semester. Well, technically I have some finals to take, but they can't possibly cause excessive harm. yay! If I had more money I could buy people presents until it's time to go home.

: Julie: So if you find any tortillas that say "Julie" on them, they could be mine... Julie: I'm phlegm-acious/snot-a-licious.

: Nathan and I just got back from seeing "Star Trek: Nemesis". I wasn't looking forward to it so much, but it was really good! I thought it was hilarious, which probably wasn't the point, but it was funny. We are going to see LoTR on Wednesday and I am soooo excited! We also ate at European Connection Cafe. Yummy crepes!

I think I will take my first final tomorrow. Thursday is Nathan's 22nd birthday. Not sure what we're doing yet, but something. He got off work cause he thought he'd be going out with me, how cute. It's a cute day

: I told Nathan the story about the mother of all cats in Utah. He said "so, is your cat related to them? that WOULD have made the story just a BIT more interesting if the cat was related" and I said, how would you know? and he said "kittie paf" as in Personal Ancestral File.

: I told Nathan the story about the mother of all cats in Utah. He said "so, is your cat related to them? that WOULD have made the story just a BIT more interesting if the cat was related" and I said, how would you know (if the cats were related)? and he said "kittie paf" as in Personal Ancestral File.

: Today was pretty boring. I took a nap and studied. Julie and I went to the library so I could check out Harry Potter books, but it was closed. We went to the dollar theatre, but we'd missed anything worth a dollar. So I spent 45 minutes deleting junk off of Julie's computer, in hopes that it will run faster and be able to open programs. We also turned it off for the first time since who knows when. No wonder it didn't work. No wonder our utility bills are so high.

: I will be home in five days and three hours. Yay! I am really excited to see my family, and my pets, and to play my piano, and to have everything all Christmas-y and to sing with my sister and shop and gossip. Everytime I think about going home everyone has to hear all the reasons I'm excited about it. Sorry. Yay I get to go home in five days!

: Sadly enough, I may end up taking PE independent study the last semester of my senior year. Weight training, for that matter. It's pretty much my only option without a completely sucky work schedule (I already have acompletely sucky class schedule). This poses such problems as how to pay for independent study tuition and how to weight train.

: Took my 471 test today... the testing center system is down and I can't find out my score!!! Kristen got hit by a car last night (she's getting married in 10 days). She's fine, except she landed on her face and you can tell. On the bright side, I didn't figure book buyback into my budget and I got about 2/3 of my money back. That's especially good since I only bought the books I actually used. Time for work, and then sugar cookies!

: I finally got a sub for Wednesday night. Nathan was getting really anxious about being able to go see LoTR. Luckily, Beth was able to work for me. I thought of another thing for my Christmas list: toothpaste. I am rather particular though, so maybe I'll just buy it myself.

It's raining here. It hailed for about 45 seconds, but no snow. How sad. I should go to bed. I'm tired. I sure am busy considering I only have one more test to take.

: It has now snowed approximately one centimeter. Total. I got my research paper back today. I got 95% and I am very disappointed. I have my finance final tomorrow afternoon and then I'm FREE! I'll be home in three days! yay!!!!!

You know your rent is too high when: the management brought by lots of candy for us. Because single students must live in BYU-approved (and very limited) housing, things can get pretty ridiculous. We got free candy though.

Today is turning out to be a much better day than expected. Kyra drove me to work this morning, and it was really fun. I made two cases of pasta and invented some soup. My last final went well, and there wasn't a wait at the temple. Onward, to work and LoTR!

cool: Leonard's Hiptop is so much fun! I am having a hard time figuring it out, but it's still cool. What a neat toy. We are having fun doing Christmas-y things like wrapping presents and... Going in the hot tub. I suspect we will be making Christmas cookies later. Everyone (except one of Rachel's bags) got here safe and we are having fun.

A White Bakersfield Christmas: It's foggy. We have been doing lots of fun things around here. We made cookies last night, and Rachel and I took Gretel to a walk down to the Market to get Flaming Hot Cheetos. We had our traditional trying-to-convince-Mom-it's-a-tradition-to-open-a-present-on-Christmas-Eve fest, but it didn't work. It almost did, but Leonard insisted that it owuldn't be a tradition anymore.

Yesterday us kids went to see Grandma and Grandpa. We are all getting ready to go to Garry's in a few minutes to mingle with our cousins and aunts and uncles and then to return home and open the rest of our presents. We each opened one this morning; I got a very cute hat and scarf from Rachel. I am finding it hard to type on a normal keyboard after using my laptop for so long.

: We love Sumana! and Happy Christmas.

Very busy and tired. Today I slept and shopped and went to breakfast with Leonard (not in that order). I'm sick so I've been sleeping and reading a lot. Mom made us all PJs for Christmas and we look so cute and warm and fuzzy! I keep insisting we take a picture of us in our new pajamas, but we're never all home, awake, and PJed at the same time.

Rachel and I got home from shopping and were told dinner was in the kitchen. A turkey on the counter, with an upside-down laundry basket over it. Interesting. (The turkey was dead, and cooked for that matter).

I feel very clean: Today we're going to see "HP" (as Rachel calls it) and are taking Grandma out to dinner for her birthday. Mom and I spent most of yesterday "putting Christmas away" and cleaning. I insisted she see "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" so we picked that up and watched it. Quite funny.

Nothing else exciting is happening. I tried to find an internship by calling every hospital in the valley. Only two of them had even heard of my profession, and the most likely one is in Madera. I guess it could be worse...

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