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: Sadly enough we didn't have a single trick-or-treater. Of course I live in BYU-approved singles housing. But still! We actually dug up some left-over caramel apple caramels to give them! Oh well. I went trick-or-treating once when I was 16. All by myself. I didn't go last night though. Instead I did homework, hopefully enough to last me. I have a bunch more stuff to do before 5PM tomorrow. And then my Saturday is packed full; Volunteering at RAH, IAS group project, Maria is coming down, SVASA staff party, bedtime.

: Speaking of sprouts, as Mom was, somebody's been eating mine!! Someone (and I know who it was) ate a whole bunch of my alfalfa sprouts and one of my nice pretty tomatoes (which came in a plastic box)! An entire tomato! I know it was her because she later proceeded to eat her salad in front of me and five other people to whom I had already expressed a concern about the not-so-mysterious disappearance of my food. And as if that wasn't bad enough, this same person also used my poufy thing in the shower. How wude!

On the bright side, all of my tests and assignments are done for this week. Actually, I'm not sure that side is much brighter.

: I thought of an actual bright side. Yesterday, "Miss Courtney", the girl directly over me at work, told me that one of the fourth graders told her she really liked "that nice lady" (meaning me). I found this out after the girl came running into the other room where I was supervising and gave me a big hug. I had been wondering how she figured out my name (I'm "Miss Susie"). Yay!

: This was a very crowded weekend. Friday, after classes and volunteering at RAH, I went to my first ever BYU-sporting event, the women's volleyball game, with Stephanie Hall. We lost, but Stephanie and I were so confused about the scoring system we hardly noticed. Then on Saturday I did all the things I was planning on doing, and then I went to Extreme Sports with Steve, Winter and John. My neck is pretty sore from John hitting me with a two foot boxing glove. I got dragged elsewhere with them afterwards and was out much later than I wanted to be. Sunday a whole bunch of people (mostly from Vermont) came over and Winter and Summer made a huge dinner. I went to the CES fireside with Cami and Jed.

The only homework I did was some research for the group presentation Melanie and I have to do in our Romania class. And four hours of volunteering for TR, which, it turns out, is worth much more than I thought.

: I got proposed to today- twice. The first time I said "Yeah I wanna get married. I should probably start dating the kind of guy I want to marry." The second time I said "You're a really great guy, but I think if I married you I'd be... settling." It was really exciting. We're doing this skit for the Mr. BYU 32nd ward pageant about the life of rejection lead by Ryan, our FHE group's contestant.

: I just ran into Heather Mitchell on her way to Book of Mormon. She's the cutest ever. She asked about Rachel.

: For the second day in a row I a) got motivated enough to do a large project/paper b) came all the way to campus in the dark to study and c) climbed the (120) evil stairs four times. Back to writing my paper... I haven't picked a topic yet.

: We are having our extra-credit sleepover tomorrow night for Romania Prep class, so that will give me enough points to make up for using the wrong "to wish" verb (several times) on my last quiz. We're going up to Draper to stay at Stephanie's house. Speaking of Romania, I bought my tickets yesterday. I got seven plane tickets and two train tickets and an HI membership for $942.

I can't figure out why my computer opens things right away from my red disk, but the ones in this lab say it isn't "formatted" and would I like to do so.

Today: more volunteering, missionary letters, Zoology paper, Friends and lots of cross-word puzzles. I wish my Zoology paper was finished. I suppose I could just finish it and then it would be. Good idea.

: Last night at RAH! a Program Management class put on a party/dance. It was pretty fun. Probably the least self-conscious I've ever been while dancing. Obviously, these people were not judging me by how I danced.

On Saturday we are having a 175 Carroll Hall reunion. That's my freshman year apartment (as opposed to 172 and 179). I'm really excited to hang out with everyone and catch up. I also talked to Kirin last night.

: Sleepover was fun. Reunion was fun. I am very tired. My brother called me today.

: This weekend: Kelly has become more officially engaged. She and Daymon are getting married on April 27. I was sitting at lunch with my freshman roommates and I said something about Nate and Becky asked which one, so Liz says "the one who's love is better than chocolate!" That was my story. But, speaking of chocolate, we had another Sunday baking frenzy at our house last night. Sarah, Cami, Summer and I all made a big dessert (mine was Texas Sheet Cake) for no particular reason.

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